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The sales letter you are about to view is a sample. It's a very effective way to increase profits. Of course it’s copyrighted. And a lot of strategy and creativity went into it. It’s written with dog-lovers in mind - causing them to purchase your grooming services. But it has to get to them've got to mail it to them. They will appreciate the personal approach concerning a precious member of the family - their four-legged friend. Oh, if you love the letter, you can also rent the template annually for $19.99.

If a template is not your cup of tea? I will write a sales letter specifically for your company for $250. A savings of $200. Just order by 11/20/2021.

As a groomer, you’re always looking for new customers. And it's good to keep current clients happy and up-to-date on deals. This letter will slip into their mail boxes as a reminder.

Why is the letter so special?

It speaks directly to the needs of a pet parent.

Rent The Template For 1 year - $19.99

Adjust the template for your special. Use your own logo. Send as many copies as you want annually.

Sales Letter Benefits

  • According to USPS 54% of people surveyed in 2020 tried a new product or business within a 6-month period because they received a mail-piece

  • A more personal approach

  • Current customers appreciate the update and quickly turn into spokespeople

Customized Sales Letter - $250

A sales letter written for your company. You determine the product or service to promote. You own the letter.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity made specifically for groomers like you. You show our furry friends love. Now let me help you. Request Your FREE Copy of The Sales Letter

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